Costume Jewelry Exporters Eying Better Profits Next Year

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant. ~ Salvador Dalí

Wikipedia defines costume jewelry as – “Jewelry or ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment. It was intended to be fashionable for a short period of time, out date itself, and then be repurchased to fit with a new outfit or new fashion style.” Over a period of time costume jewelry has been able to carve its own niche as a jewelry segment and now, is on the must have list of even the upmarket high class, who used to detest it earlier.

On the business front, costume jewelry manufacturers are located throughout the world, with a particular concentration in parts of China and India, where production of costume jewelry is a full fledged small scale industry.

Recent Threats

Retailers profited from consumer extravagance in the past, but were seen struggling, when they had to deal with more conservative buyers, in the midst of recession. Recession caused consumers to scale back on their heavy spendings and jewelry was one of the first casualty of this spend cut. Historically, too whenever the demand for jewelry has dwindled, it has signified the slowness in economy.

Present scenario

After the downturn, costume jewelry is experiencing a kind of resurgence that hasn’t been seen for a long long time. Post recession, every market research firm has predicted a huge surge in demand and high sales. With personal finances back in order, new trends are being observed like a renewed demand for massive, dramatic and heavy metals along with antiques, vintage collection like – over-the-top rings, enormous hoops, chandelier earrings etc.


Now that the downturn has been reversed, It is entirely up to the jewelry manufacturers to maximise their profits under the current circumstances. Costume jewelry manufacturers earlier used to resort to the traditional wholesaler-retailer nexus to supply and distribute their products. Now with the arrival of web they have been exposed to plethora of opportunities which gives them ample alternate routes to sell & market their products worldwide.


Though the sun is shining bright on the costume jewelry, there are still few dark clouds. There has been considerable controversy in the western countries over the lack of regulations in the manufacturing of such jewelry items. These issues range from human rights concerning the treatment of labour, to the use of technology in which potentially harmful chemicals become side products of production. So far the cliché has been that the developing countries are trying their best to address these issues.

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Jewelry For Brides

This time around to you have decided to do everything differently. Starting with us engagement ring your engagement ring is the outward symbol of unity and lone between you and your net finance. It is an expression of your commitment, worn for all the world to see, when get married, chances are that you dream of a beautiful solitaire but the wedding ring offer a lot more, like most brides, you probably grateful to accept it even if you didn’t particularly like it but these days so many innovative designs are available that you are your finance have the opportunity to a ensure your engagement ring is as extraordinary as your love by taking the time to design it together. As a more mature and modern bride, the brides of today have developed a define sense of style. You know what does and does not look good on you including jewelry. When you have to design your own ring, there is much to consider, will the selecting be gold, silver or platinum? Which gemstone will you choose?

You don’t necessarily have to go with diamond, rubies, sapphires as emeralds are equally as stunning well, diamond are certainly hot favorite just because diamond are for ever but go for the gemstone that compliments your personality and wearable. Wedding rings hold a very prestigious place in a bride’s life. So just make sure that its that special someone make sure your engagement ring is use as special by creating a one of a kind bauble that will sparkle for lifetime.Are you looking for “tienda de moda online”? Check out bisuteriachic The passionate experts in this field are ready to answer all of your requests.

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Planning Your Online Jewelry Store

One of the best reasons for a business to succeed is an effective business plan. Without such a plan in place, all the hard work and commitment that you bring to your business is lost. So if you have been considering starting a home based online jewelry store, then one of the first things that you need to focus on is constructing a business plan.
What is a business plan?

In simple words, a business plan is a detailed outline of your business with respect to the following –

· Finance/ Capital required
· Material/ Resources needed
· Researching the market
· Outlines cost/expenses
· Clearly defining business and marketing goals
· Shaping a pricing strategy
· Creating distribution channel for your products/services
· Shaping an effective marketing plan
· Foreseeing the future of the business

Once you have addressed these aspects you will have a clear understanding of how to go about setting up and running your business.

You might wonder of course if a home based online jewelry store requires such detailed attention. However what you need to keep in mind is that the size and scale of a business has no bearings of the importance of having a business plan. And contrary to popular belief you don’t have to seek professional help; a quick search over the internet will pull up unlimited resources and templates on how to build and create a business plan.

Business Basics for the new business owner

Starting a business is never an easy task even if you have thought you have all the avenues covered. Here are a few simple pointers to keep in mind while you go about planning your online jewelry store –

Business name – There are two things that you should consider when naming your business; first the name should be easy and simple to pronounce as well as remember and secondly it should embody or reflect the spirit of your work in some manner.

Bank account for your business – Irrespective of how large or small your jewelry business might be, a separate business account is always advisable. Never mix your personal finances with your business account.

Identify your business USP – Remember the jewelry business is saturated in a lot of ways, and if you plan on making a mark and beating the competition then you need to identify your business USP and market it aggressively. It can be the material that you use or the methodology of creating your designs or even the prices you set; whatever you think sets you apart from your competitors is the USP of your business.

Realistic business/marketing goals – It is will do you a world a good if you can keep your business and marketing plans and goals as realistic as possible right from day one. One of the biggest mistakes that most new business owners make is that of building up false and unrealistic goals and plans. Remember this is a volatile market that is subject to constant change, and being grounded about what you can and cannot do can make or break your business.

Build an online presence – In your exuberance to reach out to the retail and whole sale customer; do not forget that today there is a significant shift to online markets as well. Most businesses these days have an online presence. A lot of customers in fact prefer scouting the internet for goods and services in a bid to seek out better deals or quality, prices etc. before they actually go ahead and make a purchase. So do you need a website for your business? Absolutely yes!

Address your strengths and weaknesses – A good businessman should be aware of his strengths and weaknesses at all times. So while you might be good at making jewelry, your business skills might not be up to the mark. Instead of trying to make it work, and in the process making mistakes, see if you can enlist the help of family and friends to help you out. Alternatively, you could also seek professional help if need be.

Tax deductions are applicable even if you run a small home based business – Tax deduction is a fantastic money saving tool for every business so don’t overlook it. If you incur an expense that is deductible, then use it. As a small or home business owner, every penny counts.

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How to Pick Out a Piece of Jewelry for the Man You Love

Give your favorite guy the tools he needs to take his look from ordinary to extraordinary with a piece of fine jewelry. From exquisite and sophisticated pieces to strong and masculine styles, you’ll encounter a variety of designs that will revamp any appearance.

Pay Attention to His Preferences

The man in your life should enjoy what you get him-it is a gift, after all. Take a good look at the jewelry he wears now. Does he prefer gold over silver? Then check out the Gold Polished Curb Link Men’s Necklace. Fourteen karat gold will add a touch of elegance to any outfit while the exquisite Italian construction ensures supreme quality. The lobster clasp is easy to use and will keep this necklace securely in place.

For the man who likes wearing rings, the Men’s Stainless Steel Brilliante Cable Ring will make a bold statement on any hand. The round 2.4mm Brilliante stone in bezel setting adds a handsome glimmer while the detailed cable accents make this a stand-out piece of jewelry. Whether your man prefers necklaces, bracelets or rings, you’ll be able to find that perfect piece when you take notice of his likes and dislikes.

What’s the Occasion?

Are you celebrating an anniversary or his birthday? Mark a special occasion with a piece of jewelry that your loved one can appreciate for years to come. The Sterling Silver White and Blue Diamond Men’s Ring will make a stunning accent that will catch anyone’s eye, with its five round diamonds in tension settings accompanied by striking white and blue rhodium detailing. Sterling silver adds a subtle shine while the impeccable craftsmanship will make your jaw drop.

If you’re giving your man a present just because, then consider something that he will love wearing every day. The Invicta Elements Stainless Steel Black Ionic Plating Men’s Bracelet will make a fierce addition to his accessory collection. Daring and masculine, this bracelet showcases a center carbon fiber insert while joined links of stainless steel with black ionic plating deliver that wow factor. No matter what the reason is behind the gift, be sure that the jewelry you choose is appropriate for the situation.

Examine His Wardrobe

Step back and examine what the man you love wears on a day to day basis. Is his wardrobe mostly casual, or does he like to dress up every now and then? You want to give him something that he can get the most use out of and will match the outfits that he has now.For instance, a man with a lot of sports paraphernalia might enjoy the Stainless Steel NFL Football Money Clip.With this money clip, he can show off his pride in his favorite team while keeping track of his cash and bringing a finishing touch to his outfit. Brushed stainless steel and a stamped logo on top make this a stylish accent that will blend in with a variety of looks.

For the man who isn’t scared to wear a little bling, the Sterling Silver Palladium Vermeil Black Rhodium Hematite and Gem Ring is a ritzy option.The cushion rose cut hematite in a claw setting is nicely complemented by the surrounding round blue sapphires in bead settings. Polished black rhodium is plated over sterling silver and palladium with accents of 18 karat yellow vermeil for a fantastic finish. From the amazing shape to the depth of color and intricate detail, this ring will bring a beautiful yet manly flair to your guy’s ensemble.Choose a piece of jewelry that coordinates with his wardrobe and he is sure to love it.

Remember Your Budget

Price should always factor into your decision to buy jewelry. That doesn’t mean that it should completely control the process-but it shouldn’t be left out, either. Before you even set foot in a jewelry store or start browsing online, look into your finances and where you stand this month. Are you prepared to make a big purchase, or will you and your man be happy with a modest one?If you find yourself too limited by finances, then maybe you can postpone your gift of jewelry until you can save up and be ready to buy something that you will both truly love.

It’s especially important to look ahead and know your budget when planning for a special occasion. You don’t want any setbacks to damper the big day, like an outrageous credit card bill that will add unnecessary stress. Plan out your budget and how you will pay for this gift-you’ll be happy you did.By selecting jewelry that matches and enhances your man’s style, you will end up with a winning gift that can be enjoyed year after year.

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Jewelry Making Home Based Business

You have enjoyed the hobby of jewelry making for a few months or for a few years and have made gifts for family and friends. There has been a change in your personal thinking because you see your lifestyle taking a turn allowing you more freedom to move on to the next step…a home based business.

You have a dream of being able to use your creative jewelry making talents and becoming a fashion jewelry designer or any other type of jewelry designer. You feel it in your gut you just do not have direction at this time.

The one thing that you know for sure is that you love jewelry making and hunger to learn more and more. You have discovered that your creative ideas are exploding and your notebook is filling with many ideas and drawings of different jewelry projects you would like to make.

As you look about your work table and wall space there is plenty of stock to operate a home based business. You have heard many good comments from friends and family members encouraging you to go into business. Their loving support and your ambition for a lifestyle change has given you the boost to start a home based business.

Your jewelry making is fun. It releases your creative energy, and you get much personal fulfillment from your jewelry designs. The next step is to learn how to market and sell your jewelry line.

Business fears that you may have:

Upstart finances
Work space
Business knowledge
Can you operate a business?

Upstart finances are not as problematic as your imagination would lead you to think. New expenses would include your business licenses and correspondence, e.g. business cards, brochures, posters, advertising, etc. Start with the minimum amount of business supplies and increase as needed.

Your larger expenses which are a part of your ongoing budget will be jewelry supplies or essential jewelry equipment.. And you probably have the essential jewelry equipment. The largest consistent overhead expense is a storefront. Working out of your home will eliminate that expense.

Business knowledge will be acquired at your learning pace as you market and sell your jewelry. Starting your business from the home will allow you the time to learn business practices as your business grows.

Let me ask you, have you had experiences working as an employee, managing your household expenses or raising children? You can be certain that you are well equipped to operate a home based business.

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